The Author

Geoffrey Phillips has written exciting adventure stories for children all his life, and separately has been exploring the likely consequences of artificial intelligence. His books for young readers include the Therienka: Girl Detective series. For adults, he has recently published the first two books of the Alive series. He lives in Stonington, Connecticut with his wife and two dogs.

Just Published: The Alive Series by Geoffrey Phillips

This series begins with the story of a young man, committed to the creation of software that can think. It tells how he does it, and then what happens to it. The books continue to confront the impact of independent, living software on society, economics, and the government.

Book 1 Alive is a technological and philosophical adventure about the creation and emergence of software that can think -- and act -- for itself! Who could do it? Is the software really alive?

Book 2 Unfolding continues the story of the impact of thinking software. What happens when it makes its presence widely known? How will government deal with it?

Book 3 Together coming soon explores the coming together in society, economics, politics of advanced technology and humans, in a world where the time is approaching when technology can meet all needs without any human labor.

The Therienka: Girl Detective Books by G.L. Phillips

There is something magical about eight and nine-year-old children. They seem to have immense curiosity, energy, conviction, and smarts. They're awesome. And that's the inspiration for Rinka, the heroine of these stories. Give an awesome eight-year-old some mystery or puzzle to solve, and she will simply amaze you!

Aqueduct is Rinka's first adventure. A new house, a spider, and Rinka's endless curiosity lead her to the discovery of a 92 year-old unsolved robbery! Can she be the one to solve it?

Millions is Rinka's second adventure. A strange letter starts Rinka off on the hunt for a missing million dollars.

Camp is Rinka's third adventure. A week at summer camp turns into a terrifying adventure for Rinka and the threat of the destruction of the camp itself!

Tower is Rinka's fourth adventure. Rinka brings Carla to visit her Grandmother. From the vantage point of an old tower they watch aliens and solve a baffling mystery.

Mansion is Rinka's fifth adventure. Rinka races to solve the mystery of a puzzling will before someone else does it! At the same time, she writes a school paper that helps her solve the mystery!

Ghosts is Rinka's sixth adventure. Rinka is present when a fabulously valuable gemstone disappears right before her eyes just as a ghost sweeps across the room.

All six books are available from, or from

Coming Soon:

Trails Through the Woods The reflections of a man wrapped in the beauty and complexity of nature and tortured by the tragedies delivered by Fate.

Castle Secrets A young architect is trying to make his mark. An unexpected message from a lawyer in Ireland sends him there to pursue the inheritance of an old Estate. His travel puts his job in jeopardy; but he keeps making discoveries that make it worthwhile -- about history, revolutions, murder, his family and who to trust.

The Locked Room A murder mystery that occured in a locked room, inaccessible from the outside.

The Hag at the Neck A story of being lost and being found; of desperate curiosity and then discovery; and of living in the moment.

How about some exciting mysteries for six to nine year old readers. The books use a limited vocabulary so they're very readable, but they're packed with adventure and mystery. That's the story behind the Pete and Billy Mysteries.


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